TRADE RULES: Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) & Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs) | A presentation by Shalini Bhutani

The BRICS countries are opening up their markets to trade liberalisation and globalisation through the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and various bilateral and regional trade and investments agreements that are known as Free Trade Agreements (FTAs). All these agreements are driven by Transnational Corporations (based mostly in rich countries) to pry open markets in developing countries and put at risk peoples’ livelihoods & incomes across sectors; access to food, water and energy; provision of essential services such as healthcare and education; and community control over natural resources.

In a presentation made to the People’s Forum on BRICS, Shalini Bhutani explains how Trade Agreements ensure excessive profits for corporations, and make marginalised groups such as the poor, women, indigenous communities, patient groups, even more vulnerable as they end up paying the cost but have no share in the benefits.

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