The War on Syria, the Role of BRICS and the changing Geopolitical balance of power | 14 October, 10 am to 1 pm

Xavier’s Centre for Historical Research,

Alto Pavorim, Goa, Hall No. 4

The war against Syria is enmeshed in various regional and geopolitical complexities. In fact the war is being led by an alliance comprising the US-UK-France-Turkey (NATO) & Israel, in alliance with the despotic vassal Gulf Monarchs of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE & Bahrain. Even mainstream Western sources have alluded to the fact that the ISIS and the Jabhat al Nusra (Al Qaeda of Syria) are being funded, armed and backed by key Arab monarchies and the Western imperial powers.

The Syrian war theatre is also witnessing the rise of Russia as a key power that is once again capable of taking on the Western Imperial behemoth. Clearly the battlefields of Syria are leading to major tectonic shifts in the very balance of geopolitical power. That even as the world hurtles towards WW III, the possibility of which, too, is being widely discussed among ordinary people on the street.

Again, there are political solutions, if the world and regional powers truly want to avert a global apocalypse. It is here that the BRICS and other key nations of the Global South can play a vital role.